To make Yin & Yoga enjoyable for everyone, please take a moment to read the following studio etiquette:  

  • Be punctual and arrive 15 minutes before your class is due to start

  • Enter and settle down quietly and minimize conversation before, during and after class

  • Wear appropriate and easy to move in clothing. Longer trousers and longer sleeved tops are ideal for yin yoga.

  • Please leave your shoes and small personal belongings in the allocated storage areas

  • Out of courtesy to others please be mindful of your personal hygiene

  • Make yourself known to the teacher to ‘sign-in’ before your class starts

  • Ensure all mobiles phones are left in the allocated storage area are turned off or set to ‘silent’

  • Do inform your teacher of any health concerns before the start of class

  • Please place your towel over the mat

  • Try to avoid wearing heavy scents or after shaves as these can often cause discomfort to others

  • Please observe silence during Savasana (final relaxation)

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