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"The cynic turned advocate" 

Like most men I believed that unless your exercise regime contained barbells and dumbells it didn't count.  Coerced by an Iron-Man colleague to open my mind I started yin yoga in May and the results have been spectacular.  With greater mobility and flexibility I'm now running and cycling faster and further than before.  With the higher energy levels I have also developed a calmer and more balanced state of mind.  So a big thank you to the Yin & Yoga team.

John Cruickshank

"The injured Newbie"

I am very lucky as newcomer to yoga to find Yin & Yoga. I feel very privileged to have such an amazing teacher. Tessa has enormous patience and skill and has given me such strength both emotionally and physically.  I had an injured leg and with guidance and care  Tessa has helped me in so many ways  to heal inside and out. She is a skilled teacher with immense knowledge and clearly very passionate  about yoga and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Sarah Cassidy

"The experienced and discerning"

Ellie has been one of my yoga instructors since she first qualified.  I love her classes as not only are they incredibly well explained and thought through, they are also targeted at specific areas. They change on a fortnightly basis and that allows the practise to develop over the two week period. Ellie invites you to take the poses to various levels and always offers alternatives if the poses are uncomfortable or difficult.  Her relaxation is indulgent and leaves the practitioner with a sense of well-being and clarity. 

Ellie Bradley

"The hungry to learn"

I love attending Issie's Restorative Yin classes. She is always warm and welcoming, creating a safe environment, which enables you to provide your body with what it needs. Issie skilfully educates her students, weaving teachings throughout the class, imparting her extensive knowledge without ego.

Victoria Phillips

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